Every note we have performed, every hour we have practiced, every word we have sung, every stage we have played and every person we have engaged, EVERYTHING we have done musically as individuals has led to this, this amazing concoction of talent and passion that we call Union Of None.
— Jeff Steele | Drummer | Manager

Hailing from the western slope of Colorado, Union of None brings high-energy covers of well known songs from the 80’s to the 2000’s to audiences all over Colorado. Wide-ranging vocals and harmonies paired with searing guitar leads and a solid rhythm section have made Union Of None one of the top bands in their home market. From nightclubs and bars to local events and regional festivals, Union Of None is always a crowd-pleaser and leaves them wanting more.

The band that ultimately became Union Of None was started about five years ago by drummer Jeff Steele and several friends. Originally called Bicycle Annie, the band slowly gained a following playing local clubs and events and eventually began branching out, playing higher profile shows in outlying areas like Snowmass, Ouray and Carbondale. Though there were changes in band membership, their success continued offering more and better shows. The band has become a staple of local festivals and events.

In late 2017 the band was forced to make some fundamental lineup changes. As a result, it was agreed that this was the time to change the name of the band and Union Of None was born. While sticking to the fundamentals that made the band so popular to begin with, Union Of None will continue to deliver the same great, high-energy covers fans have come to expect but also begin pursuing original music that will allow the expression of the immense creativity and spirit each member of this band embodies.



Growing up, it was pretty obvious that music was in my blood. With a family full of musicians, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be one, too. I’ve been singing practically since birth, started playing piano at four years old, and guitar at nine. Playing music has always been a massive part of my life.

I started writing music around eight years old, and began gigging with bands in the Grand Junction DIY scene at fifteen. My first real taste of playing live was with the experimental rock band Dinosaur the Musical, formed in 2009 and playing shows actively playing shows until 2013. I then went on to play with other local Grand Junction bands, such as Obtuse, and The Summer Soundtrack.

With Union of None, I’m bringing my years of live performance to the stage, along with my many musical influences. I’m also bringing my passion, and energy to tear it up with these awesome dudes. Come see us. I think you’ll enjoy it.



Born in northern California, Jeff moved to Grand Junction, Colorado at the tender age of 5. He got his first drum kit at age 14. Largely self-taught, he spent most of his teenage years banging the skins to Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band and Rush.

Moving to Denver after high school, Jeff and a friend formed a country band that played steadily in the area for more than 5 years. During this time, Jeff honed his drumming skills and developed his natural talent for back-up vocals.

After a nearly 14 year hiatus and a move back to Grand Junction, Jeff started playing again in 2011, performing with several bands around town. Then, in early 2013, Jeff and two friends started the band that would become Union Of None. 

Jeff's passion for performing has grown and now his greatest love is being on stage and performing for crowds of any size.



I was born in 1951 which makes me both the oldest and the newest member of Union Of None. I started playing with the band in November of 2016.

Being a HARD CORE ROCKER, my first paid gig was in 1973 playing bass in a Country Band. Because country / country rock bands seemed to be the only bands working steadily, I played in a lot of country bands over the years. 

A couple of years ago I decided I needed to play bass in a working band again. Living in Gunnison, I knew I would have to travel to find a band playing at the level I was looking for. After playing with a couple of practice bands I was excited to be invited to join Union Of None. I couldn’t have asked for better musicians to work with, BETTER YET A ROCK BAND. So, yes, I do make the drive to Grand Junction play with these guys.